Hip-Hop has so many faces, and many events around the world. The Hip-Hop culture has evolved and we wanted to give you an event which will make you fight for your art and appreciate the battle. The Fusion Concept is an international hip-hop dance festival, focus on the freestyle. It last with the Fusion Concept world final (2VS2) !

Created by a dancer for the dancers, the Fusion Concept Festival is ‘the battle of the year. It’s our undeground Superbowl‘ says Rochka Noel in an interview for the Fusion Concept Festival team. 

We spend weeks travelling the world to find the best dancers to face our guests during the Fusion Concept World Final in Paris, the 1st of September 2019. We’ll give you the best beats for the battle, the best mood, the best shows. Dancers are preparing themselves for months, to be at their top level to defend their names, their crew, their families and make them proud.

‘You have to give everything in this battle. It’s the Fusion Concept, it’s the war. Everybody comes to Fusion Concept, and everybody wants to breack necks. And you, you are here. And you have to break necks, otherwise, you gonna lose’ Diablo Premier about the Fusion Concept Festival.

We share the same passion and this year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event together.  

Let it be glorious!

Your Fusion Concept Festival Team